Hugefly Technology launches India’s first NLP based Software for the e-commerce market

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Hugefly Technologies, a start-up based in Pune has become the first company to implement NLP technology in the e-commerce space in India. Hugefly has developed a software keeping NLP as the base which would help e-commerce firms to better the search experience for users. Additionally, Hugefly has also launched a new image search feature that would be a solution to better online shopping experiences for thousands of shoppers.

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Hugefly Technology launches NLP based Software for the E-commerce
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Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science and is related to the area of human-computer interaction. Intelligent applications like SIRI and Cortana work on NLP. Now, Hugefly has become the first company in the e-commerce space in India to integrate this technology in its own software.

​Meanwhile, Hugefly's power-packed 'Image search feature', would enable the shoppers to just click the picture of the product they are looking for, be it in a magazine or a newspaper and get the closest and the best suited results for their search, thus saving them the trouble of going through pages after pages online. Needless to say, the software would save e-shoppers a lot of time.

Hugefly Technology launches NLP based Software for the E-commerce

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The integration of these features in e-commerce platforms would lead to a better and more convenient online shopping experience for thousands of online shopping junkies. Further, these would also help Hugefly in its aim to build technology-enabled solution for e-commerce companies to help significantly reduce search time on the platform, offer highly relevant and personalized search results across users and create very targeted and customized recommendations on a real-time basis.

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