Instagram Stories can now be shared in Direct Messages

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Thanks to the latest update, a new feature has been added to Instagram that lets you share Stories with your friends in Direct Messages. This feature is currently being rolled out to Instagram's mobile app and it should be available globally in the coming weeks.

Instagram Stories can now be shared in Direct Messages

Remember, you can only access the feature if your Instagram app is running the version 11.0. So let's find out how this feature works. Well, once you get the update, you will see a Direct icon at the bottom right corner of any story. In order to send the story privately to you friend, all you would have to do is tap that icon and choose your friend.

However, it doesn't mean the Story will remain in Direct Messages forever. Since an Instagram Story disappears from the app after 24 hours, it wouldn't be visible in Direct Messages once the original post is gone.

Well, undoubtedly this feature can be beneficial for some users as it opens a new way to share Instagram Stories. That being said, we can't help but think about possible privacy hazards. For instance, even if a Story is intended for private viewing, it can now be shared with anyone in Direct Messages.

May be for these reasons, Instagram has also added an option for users to disable the Story sharing through Direct Messaging feature. The disabling option will be present in the settings.

This feature also expands how Stories are made available to people within the platform of Facebook, which is the parent company of Facebook. So what do you think of the new feature of Instagram? Do let us know in the comments section.

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