Is Grabert the new differential in the DWG world?

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Grabert GMBH is a name, less heard of, however, the company's portfolio and prior work speak for itself. Grabert is a German DWG viewing and editing software developer which has worked with several big names and is well versed in the science of developing state of the art DWG solutions.

Is Grabert the new differential in the DWG world?

After accumulating almost three decades of experience Grabert has finally come up with its standalone DWG product. The company has launched three variants of its in-house developed application which has been brand named ARES.

ARES has three variants which have been developed to work proficiently on three different platforms. The variants are ARES Kudo, ARES Commander, and ARES Touch.

ARES Commander is a full-fledged DWG platform that works best with high-end configured desktops and PCs. It is a 3D as well as a 2D designing platform. It allows artists and engineers to develop high quality renders of physical entities.

ARES Kudo is yet another product that is well suited for operations on a less proficient machine such as laptops and MacBooks. One of the key features of this product is its capability to function over the cloud. Users can not only store their work on the cloud but can also edit and make changes to the files in real time. This also allows for an ease of communication and updation. Moreover, users can also make changes to the file offline which can be updated online whenever required.

ARES Touch is one of the most interesting product from Grabert. It allows users to view and make changes to 2D illustrations on a smartphone or on a tablet. It is an efficient product best suited for use on-site. It offers almost all the features of 2D graphics rendering, trying to match up to the ARES Kudo and Commander, however, it certainly is a challenge to make changes to bulky DWG files on a device that is far behind laptops and PCs in terms of performance. Never the less, users can easily mark suggestions and annotations along with introducing minor changes to files. The product is available for iOS and Android platforms and requires a basic hardware configuration of 2GB of RAM.

Some of the major clients of ARES are Japanese construction firms who are already putting the product to the best of its use. Grabert has now introduced its standalone product in India as well and the start is quite impressive.

Grabert is already propagating ahead trying to break deals with Government institutions for application of its unique software. The company has certainly come up with DWG software with unique features which should be enough to take a head-on challenge with the already well-established developers in the market. Only time will tell if Grabert will make some substantial changes or not.


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