Microsoft releases beta version of “Hey Cortana” for Android phones

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Microsoft has released its Windows phone personal assistant, Cortana, to Android devices. The company has rolled out the beta version of Cortana app for Android running devices. The "Hey Cortana", which is much similar to the Google Now and Apple Siri can be accessed using a voice command to perform a number of tasks.

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The "Hey Cortana" is now available on Android, though it works differently with Windows Phone devices. When you say "Hey Cortana" on the Windows Phone, the personal assistant wakes the phone, even if the phone is locked. "Hey Cortana" for android devices won't work if your phone is locked. On Android, the phone needs to be unlocked in order to be able to use "Hey Cortana". Microsoft is still unable to find a way to run "Hey Cortana" without unlocking the phone.

Microsoft releases beta version of “Hey Cortana” for Android phones

Since, the phone needs to be unlocked, Hey Cortana barely serves for purpose. Its still difficult for Android loyalists to give up on OK Google and switch to Microsoft's personal assistant which is "Hey Cortana". Though, it brings to the table some very helpful features, it's still easier to use OK Google because of the familiarity that users have developed.

"Hey Cortana" works differently on Android devices unlike Windows smartphones. The "Hey Cortana" requires to start the app manually, while the app on the Windows smartphones can be used by simply giving a voice command.

Microsoft releases beta version of “Hey Cortana” for Android phones

While Cortana for Android is still in its beta stage, a number of features may not work as expected. It could take some time for Microsoft to introduce a fully developed app on Android, as it still is a beta version.

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