Microsoft's new navigation app will help you find your way indoors

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Microsoft has just introduced a new app called Path Guide that will help you find ways when indoors. Yes, you heard that right. We have got some screenshots of this app via The Next Web.

Microsoft's new navigation app will help you find your way indoors

While it may sound weird, this app will actually help you navigate through large shopping malls, hospitals, colleges/schools, office buildings and parking lots. What's more, with Path Guide, you wouldn't need to use Wi-Fi, GPS or any other type of wireless radio signals. Microsoft has apparently been working on it for over two years. This app could prove really useful as GPS signals don't work as good indoors.

So how does Path Guide function? Let's find out. This app makes uses the sensors of your phone to trace your paths accurate down to the number of steps needed to get someplace. When the reference trace is made, the path creator can add things such as image annotations, audio, and text to better assist users.

Microsoft's new navigation app will help you find your way indoors

Once you have traced a path you can even share it publicly so that anyone can search for and download the guide to navigate through the same place. Once a user has downloaded the reference, the app syncs the current sensor readings with the previously recorded ones to help the user find their way in real time.

There is no doubt that this app will be really helpful in certain situations. For instance, if you are going to a building for the first time, you can use Path Guide. Even finding your car in a large parking space would be easy with this app.

Now, the question is if the app will be able to grab the attention of users across the world. Currently, it is only available for Android OS and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Microsoft has not yet announced anything about the release this indoor navigation app for iOS platforms.

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