New Google Earth to launch on April 18: Press invitations out

A better version of Google Earth is on the way

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Google Earth is arguably one of coolest apps made by the search engine giant. It allows users to explore any place on the earth using their computer. However, it gradually lost its charm as Google Maps became more powerful.

New Google Earth to launch on April 18: Press invitations out

Now, Google has sent out an invitation, which reads that the new Google Earth will be unveiled on April 18. As of now, the company hasn't spilled out any beans regarding this upcoming version of the app. Currently, The Google Earth lets you use the Google Street Level to navigate foreign lands and fly through 3D representations of some of the biggest cities around the world.

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Further, you can even view real-time earthquakes, hiking trains, plains in flight in the Maps Gallery.

The Google Earth app first came to life in 2001 as EarthViewer 3D, which was developed by a company named Keyhold. Google acquired the firm three years later and renamed the software as Google Earth in 2005.

Interestingly, the launch event of Google Earth is strategically scheduled to take place just four days before Earth Day on 22nd.

In November last year, Google introduced the Google Earth VR, which enables the users to enjoy the experience of walking on the streets of any faraway city without stepping out of their house. Users can even fly over famous landmarks and stand on the earth's highest points.

While we don't know what to expect from the new version of Google Earth, we will find out everything within a week.

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