Outfit Compare - Amazon’s new feature guides you what to wear

Don't get confused what to wear from onwards

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In 2005, Amazon.com have announced a new service by name 'Amazon Prime' which lets you buy products with free shipping, streaming of items and other exclusive benefits for a monthly or yearly fee. Now Prime members are said to get one more benefit from this service.

Outfit Compare -  Amazon’s new feature guides you what to wear

Amazon will tell its Prime members what to wear through their new 'Outfit Compare' feature. It might sound like the strangest feature but it really helps the people who wish to go with the current trend. Just update your app and then you will find this new section under the 'Programs and Features' in the sidebar navigation. This is the section where Amazon often adds new services and offers.

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From now onwards, you don't have to worry about which dress you are going to wear for a party. Just upload your two pictures with different outfits and send it to Amazon. The stylist experts will get back to you within a few minutes by telling which dress suits you well.

The result is rated on a 'style scale' which includes an option like "Definitely pick this one," "We like this better," and "It was a close call." Amazon does this decision based on various factors like what colors look best on you, how they are styled, how well the clothes fit, and what is on the current trend.

You don't have to worry about privacy while sharing the picture with Amazon staff because the company said those photos are only viewed by their staff and user can delete it within the Outfit Compare section, which will directly remove the pictures from the app and the copies associated with your Amazon account.

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This new feature will definitely attract people to use this app and opt for Prime membership service. It also helps them in providing better shopping recommendations based on the pictures received. If you are not a Prime member, then you cannot use this feature unless you sign up for membership.

For now, this feature is only available for iOS users whereas, an Android version may roll out soon.

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