Microsoft in collaboration with Signal introduces Private Conversation feature in skype

The Private Conversation feature is an end to end crypt messaging service which allows private video and audio calls along with messaging. It is similar to WhatsApp end to end crypt messaging service.

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Microsoft collaborates with number of organization including WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, and Signal itself to provide a secure message service platform for the users all over. The Signal has integrated the open source Signal Protocol for their messaging (texting) platform.

Private conversation added in Skype

The efforts are made to improve the private communication platform. With the aim of providing frictionless private communication including the other third party apps Signal is working towards achieving this aim.

Skype is the latest messaging and video calling application to use the end to end crypt messaging service. This enables a more private conversation platform for the users which is very much required today. WhatsApp was the first company to launch the end to end crypt messaging service in India back in April 2017, now most of the messaging service providers are shifting towards this encrypted messaging format.

Private conversation added in Skype

As mentioned above the Skype's version of end-end encryption is called "Private conversation". To access the end to end Private encrypted message all one need to do is click on the "+" icon and then the select the self-descriptive New Private Conversation. Once the new Private conversation opens up you can select the contact you want to call privately.

WhatsApp live location sharing feature to Android and iOS

The Skypes private call is now available for preview in Skype Insider which is a program developed by Skype for the users to access all latest features of Skype innovation.

Earlier in February 2017 Microsoft introduces the light version of Skype app for Indian customers. Skype Lite was made exclusively for Indian market and its feature was the low consumption of bandwidth while making a video call, an audio call and even sending messages.

Private conversation added in Skype

Skype light was a light weight application and supported various Indian languages including Gujrati, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Telgu. The app weighed only 13 MB and is supported on most of the smartphone platforms.
Skype Light has also has a data friendly features called "tracking data usage" which allows a user to keep a record of data being consumed.

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