Qualcomm’s next smartwatch chips will give you a ‘No compromise’ WearOS experience

Qualcomm is working on developing a new platform for wearables, alongside a ‘lead smartwatch'.

Google had recently renamed its Android Wear to WearOS. The latest Android 2.8 update brings a whole set of new features to the platform along with improved watches' display performance. Wear OS was the updated Android Wear with a much darker display. With the introduction of Google Assistant for the WearOS platform, Google has tried improving the user experience. However, the Wear OS still features outdated hardware along with old design, which could be a major turn-off for some users. It seems like the chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has some other plans for the WearOS smartwatch platform. The company has announced its plans for new low-powered chips for the WearOS platform.

Qualcomm’s smartwatch chips will give you a ‘No compromise’ experience

As per some sources, Qualcomm's senior director of wearables, Pankaj Kedia, revealed that the company is working on developing a new platform for wearables to be announced this fall, alongside a 'lead smartwatch'. He further added that by December more partners will release Wear OS smartwatches that will feature new chipset. However, Qualcomm has still not commented on anything related to the specs and the low-powered chips for the WearOS platform.

Further, Wear OS director of product, Dennis Troper, has also confirmed the fact that a new platform will be released and he also hinted that Qualcomm's third-generation platform would be significantly different from what it offered previously.

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It is also being reported that the upcoming platform will be the first of its kind 'dedicated chips' that is said to have 'no compromises'. Qualcomm is also claiming that the platform will flexible enough in regards to various use-cases. Further, it is also being said that the fitness-geared devices will feature a built-in GPS. The other watches that are not fitness specific will include LTE for on-the-go connectivity. This feature is quite similar to the process how the apple watches works at the moment. All the watches will have a similar basic connectivity option such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for paring and other functions.

Qualcomm’s smartwatch chips will give you a ‘No compromise’ experience

It is also being speculated that the upcoming chipset will feature a small processor, unlike the previously used Snapdragon 2100's 28nm. The new chipset is also said to improve battery life of the device whether the device is in use or on standby.


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