Sarahah app reportedly facing server and log-in issues: How to delete your account?

If you are tired of Sarahah, the anonymous messaging app then here’s how to delete your account permanently.


You probably know about the viral phenomenon called Sarahah that has been making headlines since last week. And it looks like we will be hearing more about this full-blown fad in the coming days.


Sarahah, created in Saudi Arabia by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, is currently taking over the feeds of Twitter and Facebook and the service has now quickly become a hit following its launch overseas in February. BBC even reported that the service had received more than 20 million users in a matter of weeks.

Following which in the month of June the developers launched an app version of the service and since its launch in the App and Play Store, it has risen to the top free app ranks in just three months.

However, since Sarahah has managed to attract many users, the app is having issues since 9:57 PM EDT (7:30 AM IST )14 August. Basically, the app is experiencing an outage in several parts of the world. Moreover, many users have now reported that they are facing problems with the app and many have reportedly complained that they are not able to log-in to their accounts. Further people are also experiencing connection issues as well as problems in sending or receiving messages.

Sarahah faces server outage and log-in issues: How to delete account?

So if you are a Sarahah user, you might not be able to use the app for some time. As for a word regarding the problem the company has not provided any comments. It is still unclear whether the problem is being fixed or not.

Introduction to the first-timers

Meanwhile, if you are hearing about Sarahah for the first time then it is nothing but an anonymous social networking app or an instant messaging service that allows its users to send anonymous messages to their friends. The app even lets users share the messages on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts "anonymously".

The app says it is all about 'honesty' and 'constructive' criticism, but we are already hearing reports about cyber-bullying and other cases. Give a user anonymity on the internet and it is bound to quickly descends into something that is far from 'constructive'. With so much freedom, it also becomes not clear who should be held accountable.

While some have been the victims of crude remarks and trolls, interestingly the app does not seem to have an option for deleting your profile. Why? Not sure what the developers were thinking but they should have given an option to deactivate or shut down an account.

Sarahah faces server outage and log-in issues: How to delete account?

How to delete your account?

In case if you want to know the process of deleting your account then there is one simple way to do it, But it cannot be done from the app. For deleting your Sarahah account you need to login to the Sarahah website with the same credentials. Once you log in, you need to head over to the Settings tab at the top right.

After clicking on the Settings tab you will land up in a new page and there on the left side you will again see several tabs and just below the Personal Information and Password tab, there is a tab called Remove Account. Click on Remove Account.

Sarahah faces server outage and log-in issues: How to delete account?

Once done, Sarahah will remind users if they are sure that they want to remove the account and that the step can't be undone. Finally hit remove, and your account will be deleted.

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