VSCO and Oakley join hands to release new Presets for VSCO app

VSCO and Oakley have together come up with a bunch of new filters for VSCO app users and these filters stimulate the vision similar to that visible from behind the Oakley sunglasses.

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Art technology company VSCO eminent for its VSCO app has joined hands with eyewear brand Oakley. The duo has come up with new filters and photo presets for the VSCO iOS and Android app. The filters offer perspective similar to the one viewed through a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

VSCO and Oakley join hands to release new Presets for VSCO app

The new filters or presets are collectively grouped under the 'Oakley PRIZM Series' on the app. The Oakley PRIZM Series free pack contains three filters named Oak 1, Oak 2 and Oak 3. VSCO states that the presets best match landscape and outdoor adventure photography.

The presets are available for free on the app for an unannounced but limited period of time.
VSCO was available only on iOS earlier but its increasing popularity among smartphone photography enthusiasts motivated the company to launch the app for Android smartphones as well.

Oakley on the other is a brand well known for its product range of extensive glasses for extreme conditions best suited for athletes and adventure sports enthusiasts.
It is pretty obvious what Oakley and VSCO hope to gain from the tie-up. VSCO makes a headline with Oakley which will certainly increase the downloads for the app whereas Oakley gets to showcase VSCO app users the kind of view they would get from behind the Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley manufactures sunglasses with a major focus on the requirements of athletes. The specialty of Oakley sunglasses is the tint that they offer which does not restrict the vision.

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