WhatsApp clarifies on its end-to-end message encryption

Aftermath of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, WhatsApp clarifies how much user data it records.

After the whole controversy of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, the world's most popular messaging application Whatsapp has now been reported of keeping track of messages while collecting a minimal amount of data from users, as Whatsapp worked on end-to-end encryption policy. Basically, end-to-end encryption is a secure method of communication which prevents third-parties from making access to your data.

WhatsApp clarifies on its end-to-end message encryption

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app with more than 1.2 billion active users across the globe per month. While talking about India it got some really big number (200 million users), for Whatsapp India is crucial markets and any security breach will be a major issue for the online messaging app.

"WhatsApp collects very little data and every message is end-to-end encrypted," itself is a contradictory statement to its recent comment which was told to PTI by WhatsApp's spokesperson which says, "we are not keeping track of the friends and family you have messaged."
The famous messaging platform was acquired by Facebook back in 2014, and in April 2016, the company has introduced the end-to-end encryption, which makes it more secure to be accessed by any third-party.

The company has also clarified that their group messaging feature is as secure than any other messaging apps. Earlier, there was a vulnerability, which allowed anyone to read group messages without the consent of group admin, which has been resolved now.

The WhatsApp spokesperson told PTI, "Whenever a new member joins a group all members receive a notification that includes whether the person was added via group link or by an administration directly. Group members can always see everyone in the group including their phone number and their name. We make it easy to leave a group or block unwanted messages with one tap."

After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, critics are on their hight and started raising questions about the security of Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

PTI reported Vivek Wadhwa, a top American technology entrepreneur and academic, as saying, "One-to-one communication between users are encrypted and may be as secure as WhatsApp claims. But the metadata, information about the calls, is likely being mined by the company."

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Wadhwa also added that the group chat option put WhatsApp users at a greater risk, even more than their Facebook post because of the mobile numbers which are available on WhatsApp.
Currently, social media giant Facebook is facing criticism over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where it was found that the company have scraped the data of 87million users via third-party applications.

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