YouTube is now removing ads from hateful and demeaning videos

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YouTube has recently updated and expanded its guidelines. Now, YouTube is removing ads from videos which are hateful, offensive and 'incendiary' videos to prevent them from making money through ads.

YouTube is now removing ads from hateful and demeaning videos

About a couple of months back, YouTube faced an ad boycott that was started by companies those were concerned that their brands could be paired with hateful videos on the service. So this move has been taken following that incident. While YouTube had announced about this in April, finally it has been implemented. However, they are not being able to cover all the videos.

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Regarding this new ad strategy, Ariel Bardin, the Vice President of Product Management at YouTube had stated earlier that this move will give them enough details to determine a channel's validity and know if the channel is following their policies.

The YouTube guideline says that it would eliminate ads from any video that discriminates, defames, and humiliates an individual or group of people in terms of their ethnic origin, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, or other characteristics.

Furthermore, ads will be removed from videos that demonstrate known family or children characters indulging in any sexual or violent behavior.

In addition to this, YouTube plans to stop videos with "incendiary and demeaning context" or videos that use foul language to target an individual or a certain group of people.

Bardin also stated that the video-sharing website has plans to expand its guidelines in future. However, YouTube has made it clear that as long as the videos are following its terms and conditions, they will not be removed from the platform.


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