Ninja UP! 2D Game from Gameloft Officially Released for Android

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Here's some great news if you are big mobile gaming buff and always looking out for new titles to play with. According to reports, Gameloft has released its brand new Ninja Up! 2D game for Android.

Already released previously for iOS, the Ninja UP! title is now available for Android. The game's gameplay is quite similar to what we have seen in the previously released Doodle Jump.

Ninja UP! 2D Game from Gameloft Officially Released for Android

"Jump as high as you can with the most daring 2D pixel ninja! Will you make careful mini-jumps, or shoot for the moon with wildly high leaps of faith? It's up to you in this retro arcade adventure that will test your skills unlike any other endless runner," the official description for the same states.

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Users can bounce all over the world, but will have to dodge enemies and obstacles. There will be flying ninjas, or even UFOs, that will try to stop your ascent from the busy city to deep space.

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The game requires you to draw a new rope every time you want to move upwards. While longer ropes make for a safer landing area, but smaller the rope, you can actually jump higher. Users can also draw to sideways. Falling down, however, means game over.

Ninja UP! is currently available for download via Google Play.

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