No more menu in Android apps

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No more menu in Android apps


Google is now on a design overall spree and is modifying the design of the Android operating system. After the launch of the Android Design website, the company has decided to remove the menu option in the applications or in other terms the action key for the apps that are in the devices powered by Android version 3.0 and above.

Users must make use of the action bar when the menu button is removed and Google states that this will help them to experience a faster and more authentic way of accessing when compared to ones with the menu option.

The company has made this design change in order to give the Android users a unified look and feel overall. Google aims to standardize the app keys after the launch of the Android ICS in order to offer the users a trouble free experience with the new mobile platform that has major differences.

Google announced the launch of the Android Design website recently to help the application developers and designers to create simple yet beautiful apps. Google has already sent messages to all those who develop apps as well as content for the Android platform to incorporate this new key pattern.

But the one drawback is that this will not be available for those devices powered by the older version of Android that are prior to Honeycomb. The developers must add additional lines of code to help these applications to work on new devices in the required manner.

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