Nokia Refocus App Now Available for All Lumia Smartphones

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Here's some good news for all you photography buffs out there currently carrying out your photography needs via a Nokia Lumia smartphone. According to reports, the massively popular Nokia Refocus app is now open to all smartphones with a Nokia Lumia tag to them.

Made available since the end of last year primarily for PureView devices, the Nokia Refocus app allows users to take Lytro-like pictures with your Nokia Windows Phone. In time, the Nokia Refocus has also proved to be a hot imaging app for all those using Lumia devices.

Nokia Refocus App Now Available for All Lumia Smartphones

"Initially available for anyone with a Lumia PureView smartphone, from today the latest Refocus update will allow all Lumia owners sporting Windows Phone 8 to have a piece of the varifocal action," the official post for the same states.

The Nokia Refocus app shoots a variety of frames with different focus settings, and following that users can simply tap on a portion of the image to display that region in focus - and hence making use of the proper frame straight from the burst.

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"As we have seen with the great imaging apps like Nokia Camera before, lots of people have been asking for it and we responded. You spoke, we listened. Now anyone that owns a Lumia can enjoy the power and creativity of Nokia Refocus," said Jens Eggert, Nokia's Lead Program Manager for Refocus. "It's another great example of how the Lumia you own today, keeps getting better."

"To create a great Refocus image, move as close as possible to the object nearest you, get that in focus - between five and ten centimetres - and ensure you've got something defined in the background," he added. "The best advice, however, is experimentation. Just play, it's fun!"

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The Nokia Refocus app can be currently obtained from the Windows Phone Store.

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