Now an android app for women in distress

Posted By: Rahul

Now an android app for women in distress
Now there is an application that helps women in distress. Using this app, it becomes easy to contact people & thereby get help quickly. Thus, this app serves as an emergency buster as well. This app has been developed by UST Global which is based in the Indian state of Kerala.

This app is termed as the “iSave”. Using this, five emergency numbers can be programmed & stored in android smartphones. In the case of any eventuality, only a single button needs to be pressed to alert emergency contacts. Through this app, even movements can be monitored with the help of the already incorporated GPS Technology.

One intriguing feature here is that emergency contacts can be alerted even when the phone is switched off. This app is helpful even when there is a kidnapping. Thus, with this app around, women needn't fear anymore.

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