Now connect with people all over the world through JaxtrSMS

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Sabeer Bhatia is again capturing the attention of the users across the world with the launch of a mobile application named JaxtrSMS. The mobile application is expected to enhance the users by allowing the users to send unlimited number of free text messages across the world absolutely free of cost.

Sabeer Bhatia claimed that JaxtrSMS is considered to be the first of its kind mobile application in the world that has been designed especially for sending free sms. The free sms app is considered to be open source in nature.

App installation is not necessary for the receiver of the sms since the app itself is open source. Sabeer Bhatia rose in to huge popularity by introducing almost 15 years ago which was considered to be the world’s first of its kind web mail service that helped make e-mails free of cost and there by contributed significantly in the establishment of a global communications network.

Now connect with people all over the world through JaxtrSMS

Some of the path breaking features in the JaxtrSMS app includes:

Users can send free sms.

The sms count is unlimited.

Free download.

The sms app is compatible with almost every operating system that includes;

Android Operating system.

IOS operating system.

Blackberry operating system.


The app has the capability in order to retain the dial in number of the user.

No new number is actually required at the time of signing up for the JaxtrSMS service.

Now connect with people all over the world through JaxtrSMS

Open Application that enables the users to send messages anywhere across the world without paying a single money.

Unlike Whatsapp application in which the messages can be sent free of cost, but the only requirement is that the user at the other end receiving the message should also contain the app installed in it.

Yogesh Patel who is the co-founder of the JaxtrSMS app said in a statement that JaxtrSMS app was developed completely in India. And he claimed that he is extremely proud to present the development of this free sms app as the growing sign of Indian innovation as well as ingenuity. The fact is that the users from across 200 countries have downloaded JaxtrSMS app since its worldwide launch. This it shows the popularity the new free sms app is determined to achieve.

Now connect with people all over the world through JaxtrSMS

The JaxtrSMS is an application that when downloaded enables free text message sending across the world. This appliation was developed by Sabeer Bhatia who founded hotmail sometime back. The JaxtrSms is compatible even with latest phones and operating system like iOS, android, blackberry, iPhone etc. This app is absolutely free. Through this app, efficient & free text-message communication throughout the world is enabled.

The text messages can be sent free of cost irrespective of whether it is international or domestic. The messages will be delivered instantly. The app is capable of working on all devices including 3G as well as Wi-Fi devices. The app also works well on any tablets including ipads.

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