Now send secret messages using iPhone

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Now send secret messages using iPhone

Black SMS is a new app for iPhone. This will keep the private SMS conversations under the cover. It will literally cover these messages until you want to read them. All of us have our own secrets. It may be anything from planning a surprise party or a secret relationship. Sending and receiving messages might bring these conversations to light. You may not like this and might want them to be private.

The Black SMS app is available in the App Store for $0.99. It will allow you to black out the messages using iMessage of Apple. Once you receive a black SMS, you just have to copy it from the Messages folder and paste to the Black SMS app. This is similar to the invisible ink used in the past. Reading the black SMS needs a decoder which is a password in this case.

When someone else gets access to your iPhone and the Black SMS app, they must know the password to read these messages. This app will certainly by handy in cases where you like to keep conversations under cover. But this will indicate that you are having some secrets under the wrap. So your spouse might become eager to know what you are up to.

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