Opera Discusses New Data Compression Mode in Opera Mini 8 for iOS and More [VIDEO]

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There's hardly a chance that you won't know about Opera. It has been one of the most popular web browsers in modern history. Apart from the likes of Google's Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Opera has also went on to become of the top choices in internet browsing.

As of now, the company has released a revamped version of the browser's mobile app for iOS-based iPhones and iPads. It wasn't long ago that Opera released the revamped Opera Mini 8 mobile Web browser. Apparently, the reworked browser came with a "flattened" design.

Opera Discusses Data Compression Mode in Opera Mini 8 for iOS [VIDEO]

"Today, we released Opera Mini 8 for iOS. It's a completely redesigned product that, for the first time, offers three different browser modes, two of which save time and money for the consumer - or get them connected on slow networks that other browsers can't handle," the company wrote on its official page.

With the new revamp, Opera Mini 8 has finally rid itself of its long standing design in exchange of a more flatter design. The design is more in line with the overall iOS 7. And apart from the revamp to the UI, it has also added features like data compression.

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Further, the company states that users who have upgraded from the previous version, the browser will now start in the Mini mode. However, for users new to the browser and have just installed it, the browser will open in the Turbo mode. Nonetheless, the browser mode can be switched using the "O" button on the right of the toolbar.

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But heading deeper into the newly done Opera Mini 8 for iOS, what are the basic changes that company is treating its users to? Let's take a closer look at what's on offer here. Also check the video below for our exclusive interview.

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Opera Mini for iOS 8 Features: Understanding the Mini Mode

Opera says that the Mini mode routes all traffic through the company's Opera Mini servers. Later, it renders pages and then compress them by up to 90% before sending them to the client devices.

What this means is that pages will now download much faster. Moreover, if you are paying in terms of megabyte or on roaming, the mode makes sure that you save money. The changes see the company drop animations, gradients, rounded corners and other CSS extras. Also, web fonts are not supported due to the download overhead.

Opera Mini for iOS 8 Features: What About Turbo Mode?

While the mini mode has its own specialties, the turbo mode stands completely different compared to it. In this mode, rendering is done on the iPhone/ iPad, but some images and media are compressed through the servers.

So while CSS and JavaScript behave normally, HTTPS pages are not sent through the Turbo servers. Opera Turbo mode is the preferred mode for speed and savings. In fact, users can even control the quality of images using the slider in Advanced Settings after choosing the mode in the O menu.

Opera Mini for iOS 8 Features: Uncompressed Mode

As the name suggest, this mode won't do any compression at all and everything keeps happening in the client device. The mode is the best choice if you are connected to a fast, stable Wi-fi connection and need highest quality images.

Opera Mini for iOS 8 Features: QR Code Reader

Opera Mini 8 for iOS includes a QR code reader to save you from having to type an address. You can check it by tapping the address bar, and above the keyboard a QR code icon will be shown, which spawns a full QR code reader.

Opera Mini for iOS 8 Features: Power Tips

You can speed up your testing in Opera Mini 8 for iOS with some powerful user tips from the company. For example, you can now close multiple tabs at once by swiping them up at the same time. Also, holding the + sign in open tabs view will trigger a list of recently closed tabs. And there are more!

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