Niki app review: Offers new generation user experience

Niki is an all-in-one app and comes integrated with an AI-based personal assistant which helps you carry out different tasks in one platform.


People are transitioning from feature phones to smartphone and these devices have become an important part of our lives. Further with smartphones you now have apps and these basically run the current world. Well, you have apps for everything. Think of any need and you got an app that gets the job done.



Niki app review: Offers new generation user experience


It is worth mentioning that mobile technology trend is always something to watch because the pace at which the mobile industry innovates is truly incredible. And it holds true for apps as well. The app industry has shown a tremendous growth and while there are a plethora of apps available, developers are now thinking outside the box and creating unique apps.

Niki AI is one such app. In the never-ending race to create the next big thing in the app space, developers behind this app have come up with an interesting product that has been designed to make life easier for users and get their things done. To put it in short, Niki app is primarily based on a concept of messaging someone and getting things done through them.

To elaborate more, Niki is India's first fully automated chat bot app with no human intervention, which helps you seemingly get rid of multiple apps on your phone to save mobile data. It is an all-in-one app, and comes integrated with an AI-based personal assistant which helps you pay postpaid bill, electricity bill, book bus tickets and movie tickets online, utility bill payments, mobile recharge, book cabs at best prices, book bus, hotels and do more. There are exciting offers and deals across services as well. All in all, Niki is the e-commerce facilitator meant for Indian users.

Having said that we have been using the app for some time and here is what we have to say about the app. We will mainly be talking about how the app performs in day to day life.

Setup and Services

Setup and Services

Well, the first thing we need to mention is that the app is available for download from the Play Store and the App Store for both iOS and Android devices. So we downloaded and installed the Android version. The setup was easy and once that was done we were presented with quick tutorial which helped us understand the basic layout and controls of the app. The UI was simple and easy to use as well.

We got a hold of the app and it basically let us perform the tasks like recharging our prepaid mobile, making postpaid bill payments or booking a cab easily. Some of the few services offered by Niki also include prepaid recharges for all Indian telecom providers, postpaid mobile payments, major DTH recharges, utility bill payments like gas, electricity and water bills and datacard recharges.

How it Performed?

How it Performed?

The app is automated and it provides a single chat window interface which we believe makes the app best suited for slower 2G connections. The main point though here is that you will have to chat your way through within the app to get things done. On testing the app with tasks like booking a cab or recharging we must say it was intuitive with respect to our requirements. Besides, the app completes the tasks in just a few steps and everything is done in just a few minutes.

The app understood when we were stuck and it came up with dynamic buttons to guide us through the process. The conversations are quite fast and there is no need to wait for any human interpretation.

All in all, we were actually surprised as well as impressed to see the app achieve feats of natural language processing in a real-time format. The AI was quick in making recommendations. While we could use normal human language to chat the chatbot sometimes failed to understand our requests. So there might be some scope for the app to be improved to attain that true Artificial Intelligence status. Niki may not be the first app that does what it promises to but it does excel is how it does it.

In addition to that, Niki also offered another useful feature. The app has payment integration with PayTM, Ola, and Uber. So we were able to make payments easily. There is an option for other Online Payment modes like Debit/credit cards, Netbanking as well.

Interestingly, the app also recommends various cashback and discount offers as well. The app even let us earn credits for almost all transactions and it seemed that these credits could be used later for other services. So this was also useful.



After spending some with the app and using its features often, the conversation just flowed naturally, highlighting the USP of the app. We sometimes forgot that we are chatting with a bot. It felt we were talking to a real human being.

Meanwhile, the benefit of using this app is that Niki does away the need for installation of multiple applications for specific tasks. With several integrated services, the single window chat interface is the top feature of the app. The app also has a good support system and feedback channel in place. Niki indeed with a smaller app size and the ease of use promises a lot when it comes to a practical solution to our daily tasks.

One feature that we would like to see in the future is a voice-based solution along with the current chat based model. The present technology is well developed so we are definitely hoping for the better.

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