Redmorph app review: Puts an end to all your security concerns

Here’s a review of the Redmorph security app.


Besides the battery life, the major concern of smartphone users is the security of the data saved on their phone. By saving data, we mean the usage pattern of the users. The immense popularity of smartphones has made us dependent on these devices for everything such as mobile banking, online shopping, etc. Given that we use our phones for sensitive tasks, several apps and websites track our activities for various purposes. Though not all such tracking results in grave cyber attacks, there are chances for the same to happen.



Redmorph app review: Puts an end to all your security concerns

Of course, Google and Apple are trying their best to keep the hackers away by following stringent checks on the apps before making them available for download. But there are attacks those are still happening. What's sad is that users often do not get to know that their data is being exposed to unknown risks.

This is where smartphone security comes to play and there are many such third-party apps available for users. One such app is The Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution, which was launched earlier this year by a US-based technology firm Redmorph. This app assesses the risk for each app that is installed on the device and provides granular control over what the apps such as browsers can do.

Let's take a look at the review of this app to know about its features, capabilities and my experience of using this app on my phone.



This app has a user-friendly interface with a vibrant red and white combination across all the menus. The Dashboard shows ‘Top 5 Apps Today', which is a section showing the top five apps that track data. These apps are displayed in the form of bar graphs. You can check out the tracking and attacks those have been blocked over here. I was pretty much surprised to see one of the apps I had been frequently in the Dashboard. Luckily, the app blocks all the tracking activities and prevents attacks due to this app.

The next section is Security, which is a swipe away. It shows all the apps on the device and three columns such as global protection level, internet access and risk level with five color codes. The risk level is assessed based on the app permissions those were assigned. When it comes to internet access, you can choose to grant or block either Wi-Fi or mobile data or both.

The next section is Live View, which shows how the device is actually being tracked. I could see the processes those are tracking data and block them the internet access so that there is no threat to the data. It shows the status of the active apps in real-time. There is also an option to check the trackers in a web-like view.



The purpose of this app from Redmorph is to hunt for the trackers in real-time and show the same to the users. The users can choose to either permit the trackers or block the same completely. The app automatically channels the internet connections through the local firewall that it creates. This makes Android think that it is a VPN, which is not the case. With this app enabled, when you are using an app or visiting a website, the app will block the trackers from accessing your data. There is a Sentinel feature in the menu, which effectively notifies any kind of abnormality.

Given that all traffic is routed through the app's firewall, there is a noticeable drop in the speed. But what's annoying sometimes is that there is no warning about the reduction in the internet speed. Moreover, there was considerable battery drain with Redmorph consuming the most power among the active apps. This is because the app runs in the background to check the tracking and keep attacks at the bay.

The battery life wasn't a big issue for me as I don't play games or watch videos a lot on my smartphone. The actual issue is the not-so-effective performance of other apps as their tracking mechanism was blocked by Redmorph. Most apps depend on trackers to make revenue and they seek permission for various parameters of the device for the tracking to happen. Tracking helps the developers of the app understand the unknown issues and come up with fixes in the form of updates. Given that the tracking is blocked by Redmorph, there are chances for some app to not perform as they were intended to.

The issue that I faced with this app is the prompt for permissions from other apps. As suggested by Redmorph, I had blocked internet access - both Wi-Fi and mobile data for some apps. However, when I had to open one of them, the app prompted me to grant the internet access to continue using it.



Redmorph's app is a good one for those who are very much concerned about their device and data security. It does its job of keeping the trackers with malicious intentions at the bay. It assures safety of your data by blocking unwanted internet access and tracking. However, this app does not come cheap. It offers a 21-day trial after which users need to spend for in-app purchases to enjoy its benefits. If you ask if it is mandatory to use this app, you will have to do so if you are too concerned about your security. If you are average smartphone user who just wants all apps to perform the way they are intended to, then you can skip this one.

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