Samsung celebrates Valentines Day

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Samsung celebrates Valentines Day

Samsung is celebrating Valentines Day and has announced an exciting and rewarding promotional activity not only for one or two of the users but to all the Samsung smartphone owners in India.

The owners of Samsung smartphones be it either BADA or Android operating system, will have a set of the paid apps for free of cost only for a limited time period and the offer ends on 21st February.

Samsung is also offering additional Rs. 250 gift card for few users and they can redeem it on purchasing apps from the Samsung app store.

There are utility apps that can be too beneficial for the smartphone users. This promotional offer is available in various countries where the users can access the app store of Samsung and India is also one. This offer is available for selected devices in the product catalog.

There is no limitation on the number of apps that a user can download and install but to enter the gift voucher scheme, the users will have to install all the applications on their device.

After installing all the apps only they will be eligible to get the special voucher. The winner will be announced on March 6th through the Samsung app store.

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