Secret Box: An Android App

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Secret Box: An Android App


Sometimes you might get some messages that are too personal and you would not like to share it with anyone. But your smartphone might not know who is accessing it and will reveal the messages and other personal information to the prying eyes.

There are several ways like locking your phones with a password but these can protect your data only to a certain extent. But imagine situations when your family members want to use your phone and they keep going through the messages. In this case, the passwords will not be of any use.

Here comes the Secret Box app for the Android smartphones to resolve this issue. The application performs a simple but wonderful task by hiding the content that is sensitive and personal with the help of a completely automated process without leaving any traces.

The app works based on a simple principle that goes like this. If you want to hide a contact or message, the app will ensure that no traces of it are left in the phonebook or inbox for others to access it. When it is asked to, the app will move the calls and messages automatically to the safe box which has password protection.

But what if your spouse asks you for the password? There is no escape right? The app can handle even this. It has a fake secret box that can misguide the adamant ones. But to have this option you will have to pay an additional charge of Rs. 100 per month that is quite reasonable when compared to the privacy and secrecy.

This paid option also increases the SMS capacity from 100 and this applies even to the contacts. The look and feel of the app is quite neat.

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