Share Internet access with Open Garden app [Video]

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Are you traveling and looking out for an internet access? There is a new smartphone app that will let you share the mobile internet access for free. It is possible to share the access from people next to you using the same app.

This useful app is called Open Garden and it forms a mesh network enabling each person to rely on others to get connected to it. Every phone acts as a computer as well as a router. It is easy to make all the devices interconnect with each other to make the internet access present. As long as all the devices are in close proximity, they can recognize each other seamlessly. If a single device in the mesh network has the access to internet, all the other devices can benefit from it.

If suppose, you are in a restaurant and lack access to Wi-Fi. But, someone else has the access, you can use the other person's connection provided both of you are using Open Garden. This will be very useful for travelers as they can avoid roaming charges.

Open Garden Android download link

If the person whose connection you are sharing leaves the network, the app will connect you to the next best connection automatically. It is available for Android, Mac and Windows operating system. The company is now working on features that will help the users to limit who shares their internet connections and how much data they want to assign to the app. Check the video to know how this app functions.

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