SwiftKey 4 Available On Google Play Store With Gesture Based Flow Feature

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SwiftKey 4 has been released for android platform with never before seen features. The beta version of the app was first released back in December of 2012, since then the app has reached a new popularity. The full working version which was released yesterday is said to come with all the features, that were available in the Beta version, along with a few other enhancements. The app is said to bring a completely new and improved on-screen keyboard experience, as it offers features including word predictions, an enhanced learning interface and the ability to flow from key to key, which allows gesture input of multiple words, without having to lift the finger off the screen.

The SwiftKey 4 will come with an improved word prediction and learning engine, that is better equipped in picking up your language and typing style. Corrections are as easy as tapping on the word and selecting an alternative.

SwiftKey 4 Available On Google Play Store

The app now supports 60 different languages, along with new inclusions Sudanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Albanian, Bosnian, and Javanese. Also, Layouts on the keyboard for both Russian and Korean language sets have been improved . Whats more, you can keep upto three languages active, during typing.

SwiftKey offers several different keyboard skins and leaves multi-coloured trails as you use it 's flow type feature. Who says you can't type in style, right?

The Android-based app is available for download at Google Play app store at Rs. 50. If you already own a previous version of SwiftKey, you can upgrade to the new version for free.

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