TextGenie: Decipher Your Kids' SMS Jargon With This New App

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TextGenie: Decipher Your Kids' SMS Jargon With This New App

Do you see these lingos in you kids messages like ‘wdymbt’, ‘ILBL8’, etc? Do you know what they mean? These are basically abbreviations for “what do you mean by that” and “I will be late” in the text messaging world. The generation Y is quite smart and kids use these languages to maintain secrecy on their conversation and expecially to hide them from their parents.

However, as a conscious parent, one should keep up with the trend, so as to keep a check on their kids until they reach adulthood. Now, there is an app to help you keep a check on your kids. 

DCML, a UK based software company has launched a new application, TextGenie, which can help parents decode various text message lingos used by their kinds. The application will receive such SMS messages, decipher the slang and other lingos present in those messages and then translate those messages to simple text messages in English for parents to understand. 

According to one research report, 84 per cent of parents admitted in UK that they receive messages from their children which they can’t understand. TextGenie created this application after spending years of research into various codes, message patterns, lingos like 2go2 (to go to) or 2nyt (tonight) used in such kid’s messages. 

In addition to providing around 1500 such odd short code and abbreviations, TextGenie app also allows users to have their own database thus adding codes/lingos used by their children. This would help the app to decide kid’s messages with more precision. 

If you would like to use this new Android app, it is available on Google PlayStore for Rs 64.94.

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