Top 10 Essential Android Wear Apps for new users

While the Google Android Wear and its manufacturers are on the rise, so are the numerous app developers flocking towards it for establishing themselves as early developers for this newly emerging platform.

Android Wear watches are now in full gear, with the highly anticipated Moto 360 finally being in the hands of consumers and other manufacturers announcing new watches like the LG G Watch R.

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So now that most of us own a fancy new smartwatch to play with, all of us would want to want load as many apps as possible to see what the device is truly capable of.

So here is the list of 10 essential Android Wear app you must install on your smartwatch. Do take a look and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Toggle Wear:

Take all the settings from your phone that you often need to flip on and off quickly, such as airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and silent mode to name just a few, and transfer them to your watch face in one handy group. You can also check your battery life and see how much data you're using, all on the same screen. Click here to download.

Wear Mini Launcher:

Opening and using an app on an Android Wear device can be fiddly; this takes the hassle away by letting you quickly launch any app without heaps of scrolling and swiping. It also helps you quickly access settings, such as brightness, Wi-Fi and ringtones for your smartphone, while granting access to loads of customisation options. Hundreds of thousands of downloads can't be wrong. Click here to download.

Find My Phone:

Are you one of those people that sometimes forget about their phones and accidentally leave it behind? Find My Phone is here to make sure that you'll never leave it behind ever again. If you ever stray too far from your phone, your wearable will vibrate. You can even set your phone to go off via an alarm if it goes missing. Click here to download.

Showear: Android Wear Lock:

Android Wear doesn't have a lock screen of its own. The majority of the time you probably don't really need one but in the cases that it might come in handy, Showear is just the app for you. With it, you can set an unlock sequence similar to the one you already have on your phone. Click here to download.

Wear Internet Browser:

Want to browse the Internet but don't want to take your phone out of the pocket? The Wear Internet Browser provides a browser on your wearable, so you can navigate to your favorite sites easily whilst having your phone firmly tucked away. Click here to download.

@here for Android Wear:

Feeling a bit lost and have no idea where you currently are? No longer with @here. It can tell you the exact address of your current location. The app will also give you a small map and an option to open it on your phone for a wider view. Click here to download.

Evernote For Android Wear:

Google has their own Keep app to take notes but heavy users of Evernote would surely like to use the service on the Wear device. This app brings Evernote to your phone, letting you view notes on your wrist and create them with your voice. Click here to download.


For those learning a new language, Duolingo is a great free way to learn them, using gamefication to make it fun. Your Android Wear device will now aid you in the learning process, by having flash cards readily available for you to brush up on your French or Spanish. Click here to download.

Wear Camera Remote:

Hate having to be ‘that guy' who has to take the group photo and have to be left out of the shot? Wear Camera Remote gives you the capability to control your phone camera from an Android Wear device. There's even a timer on it so you can time your shot perfectly. Click to download.


If you are reluctant enough to get your phone out of your pocket upon receiving a Whatsapp notification, this app on your Android Wear is your best bet. The app showcases your received messages and also lets you reply to those through voice input. You would no longer be needing to dig into your pockets to remove your phone for reading your Whatsapp messages with this app for Android Wear. Click here to download.

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