Just Got A New Android Smartphone? Here Are the First 10 Apps to Download

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When you buy a new Android phone (especially if you're new to the operating system), what are the best apps to install first? Those apps that will solve your basic needs and make the phone work better, so you can move on to what's really important, which is having fun with it.

Luckily, we've worked on providing you with the top 10 free apps to install on your Android phone, so you don't have to look at all. Does that make things easier or what?This is a list of great apps to start you off on your new Android device, keeping it clean, safe and easy to use. It doesn't claim to be a list of the best Android apps out there, although many of these apps could easily qualify as such.

These are apps that will make sure your phone is in good shape for everyday use and that you're all set for the most common, everyday life situations.


SwiftKey is probably the best Android keyboard out there, one that allows you to type in a much faster fashion by sliding your fingers over the letters. Its predictions are sometimes so accurate that it's downright creepy...

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Astro File Manager

One of the best ones for Android is Astro File Manager with Cloud; not only will you be able to manage files on your phone and your memory card, but you will also get access to what you have stored on your cloud accounts - Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and even Facebook.

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Speaking of the cloud, you'll need to save some files on your phone somewhere you can access them everywhere and I'm also sure you'll want to get to the music on your Dropbox in an easy fashion. Luckily, Dropbox has a very good Android app, one that's extremely easy to use. A great feature is the one that allows you to backup the photos you're taking automatically to your Dropbox.

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Kingsoft Office

What good is a smartphone if you can't do some work on it? Well, Kingsoft Office is an app which helps you solve this problem. It's a complete Office suite which allows you to open, create and edit a lot of office document formats, including the popular DOC, XLS or PPT. It's also a PDF viewer, which always comes in handy.

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MX Player

After all that work, some fun needs to be had. That's what you need MX Player for; it's a solid multimedia player, perfect for those moments when you're commuting or taking a short break. Other Android players exist, of course, but this one can open almost any format you throw at it and it has a simple, easy to use interface. It also allows you to use subtitles.

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IM+ is an app which allows you to easily communicate with contacts on Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber and many more. Skype is also available through an in-app purchase. IM+ has a very simple interface, so it's easy to use all of your accounts at the same time. All in all, instant messaging doesn't get much better than this on a mobile device.

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Evernote is one app I would recommend all my users to install immediately. This is one app in which all your notes will help you whenever you require them most. In Evernote a user can scribble, take notes and save notes to remember important things. Users will even get notified if a alarm is set. Hence a must have app on your new Android smartphone.

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Avast Mobile

It is absolutely necessary to start things off with a security app. Our pick is Avast Mobile Security, one of the most comprehensive security suites out there. This software offers a lot of virus protection tools and even a firewall, but your phone needs to be rooted to use that feature. Avast Mobile Security will even scan the websites you visit, telling you if a phishing URL is accessed.

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Clean Master

It's THE best cleaner app out there. It will help you clean the junk that apps on your phone leave behind and it will even clean your RAM when your phone is starting to run low on it.It even has a nice app manager, allowing you to perform operations such as moving said apps to the SD card.


The last recommendation is Pocket, because you sometimes want to save the content you're accessing on your mobile device for later viewing. The app does require a free account; after you've set one up, you can easily use Android's share features to save content to Pocket, where you'll be able to retrieve it later, be it on your phone or your computer.

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