Top 5 Android Apps To Download On Your Smartphone This July

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There is a major reason why everyone likes a good smartphone. Apart from the fact that it connects you to the entire world, a smartphone is also capable of running numerous app of varied choices.

Apps are a major thing for most smartphone users, simply because it hands you a set of tools that make your work easier. Companies like Google and Apple already boast steady inflow of apps from a varied set of developers for different needs. And that list seems to be increasing with every passing day.

Top 5 Android Apps To Download On Your Smartphone This July

Keeping the discussion limited to the Android ecosystem for the time being, the apps it offers via its Google Play store come in all shapes and sizes.

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While some are gaming apps, others are productivity apps that offer you helpful tools to get the concerned job done. Others however offer editing apps for both photos and texts. And the list goes on.

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So with a new month already upon us, which are the Android apps that you should look to try out on your phones at least ones? Here is a list of the top 5 Android apps to download this July.

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Top Apps for July 2014: Wikipedia Beta

The Wikipedia Beta has been revamped to make it faster and more task friendly. The app now comes loaded with refined search options for you to take advantage of every time you open the app. And our personal favorite, the option to report bugs and have group chats over a topic.

Top Apps for July 2014: Slingshot from Facebook

Not long ago, Facebook announced and released its prime answer to Snapchat in the form of Slingshot. Using it is as simple as it gets. If your friend sends you a photo or a video you have to reply to him or her by sending the same. So basically a Snapchat rip-off.

Top Apps for July 2014: Peek

Peek comes in handy when you are tired of the same look of your phone, especially the pull down notification feature. Peek makes things a bit spicy by organizing notifications from all the apps in one place in an organized manner.

Top Apps for July 2014: Copy Bubble

How many times have we ended up cursing out smartphones when it comes to copy pasting a text. Well, those days are far behind us with Copy Bubble now available. Copy as much as you want without leaving the current screen, and later the app will manage all and make them accessible with just a single tap.

Top Apps for July 2014: Trover

This one is a photo-exploration app that recently got updated with looks that are quite fresh. with the app, users can share their travel experiences and will also be able to rate hotels and eateries on the way. So it's a sort of a social networking apps for the travelers.

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