Top 5 Best Productivity Apps For Android Devices

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Your business can achieve greater heights when productivity is high. Staying productive at work can be a challenge.

To stay on top of tasks, you need to define your goals clearly because they help you measure the progress you are making and to motivate yourself to constantly going forward.

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Top 5 Best Productivity Apps For Android Devices

In this day and age, technology can help you to achieve your goals. There are a couple of apps available that not only helps you to expand your business, but they ensure your business run smooth as ever.

No doubt, productivity can be improved, but here are top 5 free apps that can make you more productive at office or at home.

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Evernote is the best note taking app. The app offers everything you need to be productive. With Evernote app, you can organize info from notebook and later sharing them online. Although the app offers 60MB per month, but if you are looking for more storage, a premium version is also available.

Link: Evernote (Free)


TeamViewer For Remote Control

With TeamViewer, you can remotely access computers while on the go. You can entirely control computers remotely even if you are sitting at a different corner of the world. Basically, you can transfer files from any device to any computer.

Link: TeamViewer For Remote Control


Battery Doctor

If your smartphone is running out of battery, you definitely need to download Battery Doctor. The free to download app gives a longer life to your smartphone. It also provides detailed battery information and helps it charge healthily with our unique 3 Stage Charging system.

Link: Battery Doctor (Free)


Google Drive

This is the most productive app we've seen ever. With Google Drive, you can save images or videos or any content for matter without losing them; later share files and folders with others without any trouble.

Link: Google Drive (Free)



Quip is a free word processor that lets your create word documents with no extra cost. All your documents and messages can be viewed on all the devices you use on a regular basis. Furthermore, you can import documents from Dropbox, Evernote, and your personal email account.

Link: Quip (Free)


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