Top 5 Most Weird Android Apps Ever To Release For Smartphones

By Prarthito

Technology, in modern day terms, is as far reaching and important as ever. Technology is what drives most of the things in the world, and the smartphone sector isn't any different.

These days, apart from offering a great OS or even the most powerful processor, a smartphone's worth is understood by the kind and amount of app it can support on it.

Top 5 Most Weird Android Apps Ever To Release For Smartphones


While apps keep growing in numbers, each one is meant for its own special purpose in the equation. While some assist you for better image editing, others look to connect you to the world in terms of social networking.

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But while apps are such a huge deal and can be found in masses, there are a few among those that can be quite bizarre and insane for the brain to register at a single go. And although these apps are weird, they are still present in the Play Store for users to explore.

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So which are the top weirdest Android apps that are currently present in the Google Play store? We take a look at the top 5.

As the name suggests, this app is meant to teach your dogs new tricks. And the phone acts as the whistle with which you can control the dog, apparently. The app has over 20 million downloads on iOS alone, and catching up fast on Android. Who knew people found such joy in training their dogs.

Needless to say, the inspiration for this app surely came when the developer was clearing bowels. Users simply need to scroll as fast as they can to undo all the toilet paper, while trying to beat their best time. However, don't try that in real life.

Top Weirdest Android Apps: Crack My Screen

Are you looking to smash your smartphone's screen? If so then this app has got you covered. Crack My Screen will simulate as much damage as you like on the smartphone's screen, while also being a great one to crack a joke on somebody else's phone. However, be prepared to incur the wrath of the person you are cracking the joke on.

RunPee has been made for those who doesn't want to miss a single thing in life owing to an "un-important" pee break. So drink all that soda and still be assured that your bathroom break won't come in your way. RunPee tells you the best times to move out of a chosen movie to relieve yourself, so that you don't miss out on anything important. Such an inspiring offering!

Yes you are a man. And yes you need to shave to mingle with, well, society. But others like me who aren't really up for shaving that much (beard, sweet beard) can simulate the shaving enjoyment via the Shave Me! app. The app even adds waxing and tattoo kits. So the complete experience and you still get to keep you precious beard.

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