Twitter Launches 'While You Were Away' Feature For iPhone Users

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Social media giant Twitter has officially started to rollout "While you were away" feature. The micro blogging site has launched this feature for iPhone users at the moment.

As the name suggests, this feature will show a selection of best and important tweets the user has missed while he/she was away from Twitter timeline. Twitter will determine what tweets to show based on factors such as how many favorites or retweets a particular tweet received. Twitter first introduced the idea of putting up a "While you were away..." section in November, when it previewed the feature to investors who were unhappy about Twitter's sluggish growth.

"Our goal is to help you keep up or catch up with your world, no matter how much time you spend on Twitter. With a few improvements to the home timeline we think we can do a better job of delivering on that promise without compromising the real time nature of Twitter."- posted Twitter in the company blog.

Twitter Launches 'While You Were Away' Feature For iPhone Users

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Recaps is directed toward users who don't often use Twitter. For those people who are on Twitter the entire time, they won't likely get a summary of what's been happening since they've been gone if they have never logged out. However, Twitter hopes the Recaps will increase engagement in Twitter users who only occasionally log in, as it eliminates the tediousness of going through an entire stream of tweets to find out what has been going on.

However, unlike Facebook, which dismisses chronology altogether, Recaps is only for the three most important tweets that the user missed. Then it goes back to the chronological list of tweets that appear in real-time.

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