Ultrakam App for iPhone Upgrades Camera For 2K Video

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Have you lately been envious about the kind of cameras your friends show off with their newly acquired smartphones, with the feeling deep inside that you would also like to own one? If that's so then good news awaits you at the end of the tunnel - provided you are already a proud owner of an iPhone.

According to reports, for all those who like to use their iPhones to shoot videos but are bowed down by a comparatively less resolution, there's a new app in the market known as Ultrakam that lets users shoot videos from 1080p to 2k resolutions.

Ultrakam App for iPhone Upgrades Camera For 2K Video

But how exactly does the app carry out or convert this action when the phone's built-in camera itself offers video resolution at 1080p? Well, to make matters simpler, the app doesn't really convert your camera to a higher resolution.

On the contrary, the app simply allows the software to use more of the hardware capabilities of the device's camera. "With the built-in camera app able to capture HD video at up to 120fps, Ultrakam takes the opposite route, limiting the frame-rate to 30fps and using a more efficient codec to in order to capture 2k video: 2240×1672. The app also allows you to shoot at 24fps for a more film-like look," a 9To5Mac reports states.

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The app, as far as filming is concerned, supports 2K (1936x1446) with M-JPEG codec at 20,24,30fps, capturing all the color range at 4:2:0 Full range, and even "record full frames in M-JPEG at 100% quality."

"Apple may say that your iPhone 5s has a 1080p HD videocamera, but that's not quite true: the camera hardware itself is capable of anything up to 3264×2448, it's just that the software can't process that many pixels The Ultrakam app is currently available for download via the Apple App Store.at a sensible frame-rate," the report adds.

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The Ultrakam app is currently available for download via the Apple App Store.

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