UniQXcess – A file sharing app for iPad

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UniQXcess – A file sharing app for iPad

There are several applications for remote access and almost all of them do the same task ultimately. But there is difference when it comes to the performance of the apps, the security, reliability and the ease in using them. There is an app for iPad which actually clears all these tests ad metrics and stands with some flying colors.

The app actually allows you to set up a computer that is running on the UniQXcess server and lets you access it right from your Apple iPad provided you have downloaded and installed the UniQXcess app on your iPad from the AppStore. The process of setting up is quite painless and it is easy as well as intuitive on the PC and on iPad as well.

When it comes to the setting up of UniQXcess on iPad, all you have to do is just download the particular app and then create a free account with your email id and give a password. You are now ready to use the app without the necessity of installing any server. This app in your iPad will connect you to the Dropbox account that you have and help you to view all the files in your computer from the app itself.

In case you want to connect to the PC then you need to first set up UniQXcess server by downloading the server application this is available for free from the website. This installation is also simple and easy and it has to be installed in its default location that is the Program Files. After the successful installation, you have to start this server and provide the credentials of your account.

Now you can choose the folders that you like to share and once this is done, log on to the UniQXcess app in your iPad with the email id and password. Your PC's name will be visible on the sidebar towards the left and lets you share the files in it from your iPad. The app also allows to store some files on the local storage and also offers access to them in the absence of internet.

Files such as photos and documents can be opened in Keynote, Evernote or also saved to your iPad's Photo Library. UniQXcess app does all these actions effortlessly and admirably. The one drawback with this app is that its server based application supports only Windows and those users using Linux or Mac will not be able to enjoy the complete benefits of UniQXcess.

This app is available for download in the AppStore for a cost of $1.99 and this is actually an offer price as the original price is $2.99.

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