Valentine's Day Special: New Romantimatic App Reminds You To be Romantic

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Here's one for all those of you eagerly awaiting the upcoming Valentine's Day. According to reports, a brand new app called Romantimatic has been released that, on download, will remind users to be romantic by poking them to call their partners or send a similar romantic text.

Developed via Greg Knauss, a web and software developer, the new easy-to-use app called 'Romantimatic' was developed after Knauss, who has been married for 18 years, got the idea for the app realizing that he sometimes forgets to tell his wife that he loves her.

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New Romantimatic App Reminds You To be Romantic

"We live in a world where it's easier to communicate with another human being than ever before - a world that also places relentless demands on our time and attention," the app's official page states.

"Even with the amazing technology we have in our pockets, we can fly through the day without remember-ing to send a simple 'I love you' to the most important person in our lives. Romantimatic can help."

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As reported by Mashable, the app requires the user to enter his or her partner's phone number and set a time and frequency with which he or she wants to receive notifications for the same. On doing so, the app sends a push notification when it's time to call the partner or send a text message. Users have the option to choose from a set of messages provided in-app.

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"If I could hire some guy to stand behind me and once a day kick my chair and say 'Hey, dumb***, say something nice to your wife,' I would," he told Mashable. "It's a little easier and less creepy to have an app do it."

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Sadly enough, the app, as of now, is only available for iOS-based devices in Apple's iTunes app store. Think you will grab it? Let us know.

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