Video Editing for Android: Top 5 Apps to Consider

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Smartphones have become quite powerful devices off late with the segments slowly moving away from dual and quad cores to devices offering hexa cores and octa cores. This makes the devices faster than an average PC system that sits on your desk.

With the advancement in smartphone power, the areas that have been mostly highlighted is where these smartphones have become capable video and imaging devices that can outclass all other such primary imaging devices. And with imaging, comes video recording aspects of it that are also helped with the in-device power.

Video Editing for Android: Top 5 Apps to Consider

However, one special area where this is currently most evident is with video editing apps. And while these kinds of apps were even unthinkable a few years ago, they are now starting to mature into yet another capability sported by an average mid-to-high level smartphone.

And while there are a number of such video editing apps to consider in the market for your Android device, not all are worth your time and money. So which are the ones that actually stand out among the rest? Here's our pick of the best 5 apps that you could look to make use of.

VidTrim - Video Trimmer
If you don't have the need to combine clips in a sequence, VidTrim - Video Trimmer could be the perfect app for you. This app will help you edit an individual clip in any way you want. Also the app seems pretty clean with a user-friendly interface, although more features can only be attained if you have a Pro version of it.

Magisto is a self-described "movie making" apps that lets you play around with basic editing tools such as the ones dealing with trims, filters and transitions. You also have the option to throw in background music and even edit sound effects.


Qik Video
Qik Video comes from the team that's responsible for bringing Skype. The Qik Video video calling is a similar skkype-like app, although the app's newest version allows you to record and then trim a footage. You will have the ability to add up to 13 different effects to real-time calls, as well.

AndroVid Video Trimmer
The AndroVid Video Trimmer app offers a decent interface making it easier to trim middle sections out of a clip in a sequence. The app also comes in a Pro version where the amount of functionality increases and may feel like something out of a movie editing studio that just landed for smartphones.


Splice is yet another intuitive app that's meant for trimming and cropping videos. And if you think you are up for the task, you can also record your own voice as narration.

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