Whatsapp Promises to Fix Hoax Error Message Soon

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Whatsapp Promises to Fix Hoax Error Message Soon

WhatsApp, the messaging service that gained huge popularity, has put to rest the user concerns over the error message which showed ‘status unavailable’, when accessing their contacts’ status. WhatsApp posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts that there were problems with the status functionality which will be rectified soon.

Users spotting the error message had been panicking thinking that WhatsApp might have plans to shut down. There were a lot of hoax messages floating around on the network which fuelled this concern.

One of the hoax messages asked the users to send these messages to others in their list to continue using WhatsApp services for free. The message also said that the people failing to forward the message would have their contacts deleted as well as their account deactivated. The message cited server congestion as the reason for ‘WhatsApp’s decision’!

With the status functionality down, many were panicking thinking that WhatsApp had decided to shut down its services. However, WhatsApp’s declaration on the social networking site accounts that the problem would be fixed soon has put people at ease.

WhatsApp had earlier responded to the hoax messages in a blog post on WhatsApp, rubbishing these messages as junk.

Users bombarded with these mundane messages have been expressing their irritation in social networking sites while others are relieved that they haven’t been victimized yet. All that people have to do now is to sit tight, stay calm and wait for the hoax message wave to pass. The messaging service is expected to bring back its status functionality soon. WhatsApp is here to stay!

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