WhatsApp: Rumours OF A Gaming Platform Said To Be False

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There was a rumor going on, suggesting that the popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp would be joining hands with South Korean game publisher WeMade Entertainmentto to launch a gaming platform. As per the report by TechRux, the rumor came from from three separate sources in Korea. Anyways, the online portal latter said that the rumors were false.

WhatsApp: Rumours OF A Gaming Platform Said To Be False

What About Prospects of Gaming Platform for WhatsApp?

The multiplatform mobile messaging app with it's ad-free, paid services has been very successful in the world market. The messaging app is used in over hundred countries, over 750 mobile networks.

Would a new gaming platform, further strengthen it's hold on the global market? Messaging Apps such as Japan-based Line and Korean based Kakao Talk, which offer gaming platforms have been quite successful. Judging by the statistics of the these apps and the user-base WhatsApp has, a gaming platform could bring in a great deal of revenue.

WhatsApp has been a magnet for rumours lately. There was one saying, Facebook are in plans to acquire the messaging app. however, the rumour was just a mere speculation. There were no facts suggesting that the social networking site had any plans to buy WhatsApp.

There was also rumour saying the application would be shutting down. However, the rumour really makes no sense, especially when the platform is doing so well.

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