WhatsApp Web Only supports Google Chrome But Not iOS

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WhatsApp has been trending from few days. Firstly it banned the WhatsApp Plus users and then it released "WhatsApp for web"a day later. Meanwhile we tested WhatsApp on desktop and made a list of things that you can't do with the web client of WhatsApp. The most important point of all is that its doesn't support iPhone. Whatsapp for web usually syncs the messages between a smartphone and chrome browser via it's server. But iPhone's platform has lot of restrictions, righ tnow WhatsApp is unable to provide any support for the iOS users. In future there might be a update to fix this, until then iPhone users can't use this desktop feature.

Secondly the sync between phone and browser works only in data connectivity. Scanning the QR code image will let you login to the web client of WhatsApp, if the sync is successful, you can easily send and receive messages. But these sync only works when your phone is on data connectivity ( that is it has an active internet connection). In case if the connection breaks/looses you can't receive messages in web-client.

WhatsApp Web Only supports Google Chrome But Not iOS

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Whatsapp web supports only Google Chrome browser. This web-client is made available specially for chrome browser that is it supports for chrome users. Other browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Internet explorer are not yet supported. So, it became mandatory to install the chrome browser to use this desktop chat.

Blocking users is not possible. The web-client doesn't support you to block the users, you still need to visit the WhatsApp in mobile to block the annoying users.

Can't create or leave group. As like blocking feature is not permitted, similarly creating and leaving a group is not possible, You still need to use the same old WhatsApp in mobile to do this.
If you find any other features blocked in WhatsApp for web, kindly let us know in comments.
Stay tuned for GizBot for more updates.

Stay tuned to Gizbot for more updates!

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