WiShare on Android: Free App for Free Wi-Fi

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WiShare on  Android: Free App for Free Wi-Fi

If you are an ardent Wi-Fi user and are tired of inefficient Wi-Fi sharing system, then there is great news for you. A new app for Android is in town which makes Wi-Fi sharing all the more easy. The new app called WiShare is being released by Netherland based company called Antara Apps. 

The functionality of WiShare is quite simple. It creates a network connection which allows users to share their Wi-Fi connection with phone contacts directly from their phone. Users will also be able to add friends who can also share the connection with other friends from their respective cities.

The network created by WiShare app is completely secure. Therefore it is quite safe from Wireless piggybacking and hacking attempts. Users will be able to share the connection with up to 500 contacts. This app is particularly useful when a user is visiting a different city where he has friends. 

Users will be able to take a snapshot of the map which shows the list of friends who are connected to a Wi-Fi network in the city which user is visiting. Users will also be able to save up to six snapshots of connectivity maps from different cities. Another notable feature of the app is that it is capable of sharing Wi-Fi connectivity as co-op allowing a more extensive sharing of Wi-Fi connections. Users will also be able to invite, share and block users according to their choice. 

WiShare app is available for free download from Google Play Store. First thousand lucky users will get a 90 day free trial. After the period, the usage of the app will cost .99 Euros per month (approximately Rs. 70) or 4.99 Euros per year (approximately Rs. 350)

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