YouTube Mobile App To Allow Offline Viewing From November 2013

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Come November, And YouTube will add a new feature in ts mobile app that will allow users to watch videos offline. The company said in a blog post that users will be able to "add videos to their device to watch for a short period when an Internet connection is unavailable."

YouTube Mobile App To Allow Offline Viewing From November 2013

We're not sure how long this "short period" will be, but the company's hints indicate that it would be for a few hours, say on your journey to work. It said, "Your fans' ability to enjoy your videos no longer has to be interrupted by something as commonplace as a morning commute."

Until now, downloading videos off YouTube has been strictly against company policy, but it looks like Google's changing its rules a little to gives its users more opportunities to enjoy its massive video database.

How exactly will this new feature work? You Tube will update us on its blog in November since it is a part of ongoing updates for its mobile apps. We're guessing that by making this post on its YouTube Creators blog, the company is asking content owners to choose whether they want to opt for the new feature. If they do agree to add it to their content, then users will be able to download their videos for offline viewing.

We're curious to see how Google will handle this new feature. Will videos remain on user's phone forever? Or will they some how stop working after a few hours? Also, unethical apps like YouTube downloader make YouTube's new feature seem redundant since they allow you to download apps without any restrictions.

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