Bitcoin Price in India Today
(05 October 2022)

1,555,590 -16478 -1.05% forward
What Is Bitcoin | Bitcoin Value

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, which has surged in demand since the late 2000s with the launch of Bitcoin. Simply put, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that came to light in 2008. Bitcoin was founded by an unknown person or group of persons using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is among the most valued cryptocurrencies, where one Bitcoin is currently valued at USD 45,409 or Rs. 33,18,822. Do note, the value of Bitcoin keeps changing according to the market.


Bitcoin to INR Historical Data

DatePriceOpenHighLowVolChange %
Oct 03, 2022 15,55,590 15,53,562 15,58,549 15,49,093 - 0.16
Oct 02, 2022 15,53,083 15,74,326 15,80,668 15,43,742 - -1.34
Oct 01, 2022 15,81,328 15,83,415 15,88,059 15,78,936 - -0.15
Sep 30, 2022 15,83,644 15,96,987 16,40,743 15,63,819 - -0.81
Sep 29, 2022 15,96,505 15,81,374 16,01,743 15,42,404 - 1.01
Sep 28, 2022 15,80,617 15,59,744 16,08,582 15,14,375 - 1.2
Sep 27, 2022 15,78,963 15,69,284 15,80,192 15,66,819 - 0.64
Sep 26, 2022 15,68,978 15,28,647 15,74,447 15,24,267 - 2.8
Sep 25, 2022 15,26,278 15,37,392 15,55,724 15,16,321 - -0.72
Sep 24, 2022 15,37,416 15,66,964 15,68,510 15,28,159 - -1.93
Sep 23, 2022 15,67,655 15,72,909 15,79,240 15,05,685 - -0.36
Sep 22, 2022 15,73,269 14,78,052 15,78,958 14,68,495 - 6.18
Sep 21, 2022 14,81,762 15,05,540 15,79,818 14,57,092 - -1.56
Sep 20, 2022 15,05,291 15,57,349 15,64,063 14,98,241 - -3.31
Sep 19, 2022 15,56,863 15,47,353 15,66,886 14,55,828 - 0.53
Sep 18, 2022 15,48,647 16,02,758 16,02,758 15,41,053 - -3.42
Sep 17, 2022 15,89,255 15,78,116 15,98,594 15,75,795 - 0.8
Sep 16, 2022 15,76,675 15,73,805 15,85,214 15,42,543 - 0.21
Sep 15, 2022 15,73,302 16,06,892 16,16,534 15,58,893 - -2.07
Sep 14, 2022 16,06,580 16,06,041 16,31,734 15,62,436 - 0.04
Sep 13, 2022 16,05,912 17,77,085 17,97,130 15,84,710 - -9.61
Sep 12, 2022 17,24,891 17,38,959 17,38,959 17,24,891 - -0.65
Sep 11, 2022 17,36,130 17,24,884 17,36,130 17,02,577 - 0.6
Sep 10, 2022 17,25,721 17,01,966 17,35,809 16,84,121 - 1.29
Sep 09, 2022 15,47,760 15,39,822 15,49,255 15,37,790 - 0.49
Sep 08, 2022 15,40,282 15,37,481 15,50,839 15,18,349 - 0.28
Sep 07, 2022 15,08,812 15,01,336 15,08,973 14,92,173 - 0.46
Sep 06, 2022 15,01,886 15,79,366 16,13,071 14,96,644 - -4.89
Sep 05, 2022 15,87,331 15,95,133 15,97,641 15,85,009 - -0.42
How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin In India

Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be traded in India suing multiple platforms that offer Bitcoin buying and selling as a service. For instance, platforms like BuyUCoin, Coinshare, Unocoin, and so on offer an exchange platform. Here, Bitcoin users can buy or sell the cryptocurrency using the app or the web platform.


Is Bitcoin Legal In India

Cryptocurrencies are not illegal including in a country like India. Anyone in India can buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, do note, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in India are unregulated. However, India is presently exploring a cryptocurrency regulatory body for better management of buying and selling.

How To Invest In Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin means simply buy Bitcoins using multiple platforms available in India. There are several apps available now that make buying and investing in Bitcoin very easy. Apps like Kuvera can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store and your basic details need to be entered. These apps show the current value of Bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies, giving investors an idea about the rates, rise, and fall of the value of cryptocurrencies.

Is Bitcoin A Currency

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is currently unregulated. Unlike physical currencies like the Indian Rupee or the United States Dollar, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is based on blockchains.

How To Store Bitcoin

When it comes to storing Bitcoins, one needs to understand digital wallets. As the name suggests, a digital wallet is stored on either hardware or can be stored on the web. You can store your Bitcoin even on your mobile or even on your desktop/laptop. At the same time, make sure you keep the Bitcoin credentials safe and secure, including the addresses and private keys.

At the same time, one needs to understand how Bitcoins are actually stored. This is where blockchains come into the picture. Bitcoins are based on blockchains that are impossible to hack as Bitcoin data is stored in multiple blocks. Bitcoin ownership data is stored online with unique information, access codes, and verification details that are remote and spread across the world, which makes hacking into it nearly impossible.

Bitcoin Alternatives To Invest In

As interesting as Bitcoin is, especially considering its skyrocketing value, there are still plenty of alternatives to consider. Some of the most popular Bitcoin alternatives include Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Cardano, and so on. Plus, there are meme-famous cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, whose value has also been rising steadily.

Bitcoin Mining

We’ve heard of gold mining, but have you heard of Bitcoin mining. This too is possible. Mining a bitcoin requires high skill and multiple high-performance computers. Mining Bitcoin is one of the ways to get Bitcoin; however, this can be quite expensive. For instance, you can mine Bitcoin using your regular, single PC. However, the value of a mined Bitcoin will probably less than the amount of electricity consumed to mine that Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Image

Bitcoin, unlike the Indian Rupee or the United States Dollar, isn’t a physical currency. If you’re wondering how a Bitcoin looks like – it’ll probably be a bunch of codes as it’s a digital currency! However, most of the images about Bitcoin show a gold coin with a bold B to stress on the logo of the crypto.

Bitcoin Pros/Advantages And Cons/Disadvantages

One often wonders the positives and negatives of trading with Bitcoin. Like two sides of a coin, Bitcoin also has its pros and cons. Starting with the pros, Bitcoin is an investment with a potential for high returns and protects buyers from payment frauds. Bitcoin offers diversification and greater liquidity to investors. Plus, one can have immediate settlements, including international transactions using Bitcoins.

On the other hand, Bitcoin also has a couple of negative aspects. As easy and attractive as it seems, Bitcoin is highly volatile and makes room for large losses. As noted, there is no regulatory body covering the activities with Bitcoin, which further leads to cyber hacking. Bitcoin also paves way for a lot of black-market activity. Moreover, there is no return when it comes to Bitcoin, which is another disadvantage to it.


Bitcoin FaQs

  • Can You Convert Bitcoin to Cash?

    If you want to encash the value of a Bitcoin and keep it in your account, then it is a fairly simple process. You can convert a Bitcoin into cash in various forms, including bank transfer, PayPal, and even cash deposit. You can also withdraw Bitcoins using a broker service such as Coinbase of Kraken and peer-to-peer exchange. Do keep in mind that there could be some transfer fees and taxes applicable.

  • Who Owns The Most Bitcoin?

    While many people own Bitcoins, the richest Bitcoin owner is Satoshi Nakamoto. He is the person who created Bitcoin. As per reports, he has over 1.1 million Bitcoin shares. The value of the Bitcoin shares together would be over $10 billion. As per experts, if Satoshi Nakamoto decides to sell his entire Bitcoin share, then the price of Bitcoin will plunge dramatically.

  • How Many Bitcoins Are Left?

    Currently, there are 18,712,812.5 Bitcoins in existence, and the number changes every 10 minutes when new blocks are mined. As of now, each new block adds 6.25 Bitcoins into circulation. The maximum amount of Bitcoins that can ever exist is 21 million. There are 2,287,187.5 Bitcoins left to mine, and you can always buy Bitcoins from existing users on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

    Bitcoin is the name of the best-known cryptocurrency, the one for which blockchain technology was invented. Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange that uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and verify the transfer of funds. Cryptocurrency doesn't have a physical form, and there is no central banking system to control it.

  • What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin and Dogecoin?

    Interest in cryptocurrencies has surged since 2015 as Bitcoin's value rose from about $300 per coin to a peak of about $20,000 per coin in December 2017. However, it dropped to nearly $8,000 per coin as of November 2019. The first bitcoin miners were able to earn coins relatively quickly. By 2019, cryptocurrency mining has become a little more complicated and involved. Smaller minors can join a Bitcoin mining pool to be more effective, but that comes with a fee, reducing your profits. Keep in mind that it can take several weeks or even months to recoup your original investment and become profitable.

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