A camera to capture the light's speed

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A camera to capture the light's speed

Can u believe that there is a camera that can capture the light's speed? Yes, scientists have come up with a new super-fast camera which is little big in size but it can capture the light's speed.

A team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in London claims that the super-fast camera that they created can pulse of light that is of bullet shape. This light pulse can travel from a end of the laboratory flask to another in just a fraction of a second.

The scientists also say that the camera will take sometime to make its presence in the commercial market. Ramesh Raskar, a Professor at the MIT Media Lab has told that their ultra-fast imaging technology can analyze the method in which the photons travel across the world.

The scientists also claim that the camera is capable of creating 3D images as it can see the photons of lights inside objects too. The device was created by using a streaker tube that is usually used by the chemists to capture the light by scanning it. The camera can also record the progress of the light pulses that travels in a flask of liquid.

Raskar also added that, watching this will seem to be the slow motion of light. It is very slow that the light itself can be seen moving through a particular distance. This speed of light will be captured by the camera.

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