A Clear Vision In The Digital World

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There are lot of accessories available for digital cameras. Few of them are essential to capture perfect images and to keep your camera in good conditions. Few of them are considered here:

Cleaning Kit : It is a must to keep your camera dust free and dirt free to have longer life. A cleaning kit does not cost a lot of money but; it sure can come in handy if the lens gets dirty. Never use anything not meant for camera to clean it. A blower brush and swabs will help you to clean your lens or camera parts in the right way. Always go for a cleaning kit when you need to clean your camera.


Extra Lens Cap : Lenses are the most sensitive part of any camera. Lenses are subject to scratch or damage if not cared well. An extra lens cap will help you to keep your lens scratch free even if you loose the one you have.

Camera Bag : Camera bag is a must to carry your camera. Use the one made for your camera as it may fit tight it it. Prefer the one with extra rooms for accessories like battery, lenses etc...

Lens Shade: Most middle to high-end digital cameras support a lens shade, also called a lens hood, that attaches to the lens of the camera, for shielding it from sunlight. Lens shades have to be screwed on correctly or photos end up showing black areas around the corners.

UV Filter : A UV filter can help prevent ultraviolet rays from getting into the digital camera lens, sometimes resulting in better photographs, especially if you take a lot of outdoor photos. It can also help prevent your lens from getting scratched or damaged. UV filters cover your digital camera lens, meaning scratches may only affect the filter.

Mini-Flashlight : A mini flash light is a useful accessory when you need to capture images where there are no enough light. A small flashlight can be the difference between taking a great shot and wasting time with no adequate light.

Add-On Lens : If your digital camera supports add-on lenses, you may want to consider purchasing these devices. Add on lenses are made for different zoom levels. To capture clear images add on lenses are a great help.


Extra Memory Card : Extra memory card will help you with enough storage space even when you go for a long trip. An extra card could help you to capture and store images without deleting any image from your camera or the storage you already use.

Card Reader : Card reader is used to transfer images from your camera or a memory card to a computer or a printer. Having a card reader is an added advantage as you can easily interchange data between your camera and a computer.

General Photography Tips

How to hold camera : Hold the camera solidly in your hand to prevent the camera from shuddering or shifting too much when pressing on the shutter button, and watch your spare fingers so that they don't interfere with the lens. Take care to not shake the camera while you capture an image.

How to focus : As digital cameras have a tendency to take slightly longer to focus than film camera, an important tip is to half-depress the shutter button until the camera has had time to lock the focus, and then completely press the button to take the actual shot - this can often make the difference between blurry, out-of-focus shots, and clear pictures. Also, with normal picture-taking, shutter speeds are fast enough that a small amount of shake will not affect the resulting image much.

How to preview : One of the main advantages of a digital camera is being able to preview the pictures after you have taken them. If you are trying to capture a specific scene, you can review the shot and see if it looks the way you wanted. if it doesn't, you can delete the shot and retake it to get it right. Delete the pictures which are blurry or out of focus.

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