Canon launches C300 new video camera

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Canon launches C300 new video camera


Canon has quite a large number of still cameras and video cameras under their sleeve. The emphasis is mainly given on still cameras though. With the introduction of XF range of professional camcorders Canon began to make their presence felt in the camcorder segment. Recently camera has made one more addition to their camcorder range.

The new model is termed as C300 and it is a professional videographer’s device that can be used for high end digital cinema production. Many of the features in the camera are tailor made for cinematic work flow. The cinematographers and directors of photography would find these features very handy during film production.


Features and specifications of C300:

  • 35 mm CMOS chip

  • wide tonal range

  • 20000 ISO

  • 1920 x 1080 High definition video recording

  • Video output in Canon’s XF codec

  • Dust and moisture sealed

  • Built in cooling system


The images recorded by the camera are very much filmy in appearance. The CMOS chip in it is of 35 mm. The camera has very low noise and has a very wide tonal range. The top workable ISO range is at 20000. This means that even in very low light condition good quality images can be taken. This is a major advantage when it comes to cinematography since expensive and fancy lights can be eliminated and this can save up a huge chunk of the total production cost.

The camera has a very compact and small size so that it can be operated by just a single person. The device is also very much affordable when compared to other cameras and this means that if needed more than one camera can be used for film production and that too under the cost of its expensive siblings. The camera can record videos with clarity of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The files can be saved in Compact flash cards and they are recorded in Canons XF Codec. This MPEG 2 MXF format is supported by most of the video editing software’s and post –production formatting software’s. The camera has moisture and dust sealing and comes with an inbuilt cooling system. There is a hand grip, carry handle and monitor unit that comes as optional units and of course they can be set up in different configurations according to the need.

The price tag of Canon C300 is not available.

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