Casio Exilim EX ZR300: Top 3 Features We Love

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Casio Exilim EX ZR300: Top 3 Features We Love

Lately, Casio Japan unveiled their new digital camera offering -- Exilim EX-ZR300. The camera was released by the company featuring a high-speed CMOS-based 16MP 12.5x zoom compact. Further, ZR300 included a 24-300mm equivalent zoom and dual 'Exilim Engine HS' processors to offer autofocus in as little as 0.12sec and start-up in under 1 sec. The digital camera also was capable of shooting 1080p video at 30fps or 640x480 video at up to 120 fps. Additionally, ZR300 promised battery life of around 500 shots per charge. The company claimed that it was one of the first cameras to support Toshiba's Flash Air wireless SD card format.

As per company announcement, Casio Exilim EX ZR300 MINI DV camera is available in colours including Black, White, Gold and Red at a retail price tag of approximately Rs. 24,000.

For all those who are thinking to go for a camera purchase, here is a detailing on top 3 features of Casio Exilim EX ZR300 MINI DV camera.

Shutter speed and battery life

Rapid Shutter without any breaks is facilitated in Casio Exilim EX ZR300 MINI DV camera by using the continuous release technology. The device is capable of capturing images with an interval of just 0.26 seconds between snaps. It also features an improved battery life with which you can take approximately 500 images without recharging the battery. The camera is compatible with Eye-Fi and FlashAir and hence it is easy to do wireless transfer of data with smartphones and computers.

High speed recording and image processing

Casio Exilim EX ZR300 MINI DV camera follows unique standards in its high speed recording and image processing. The scenes captured from the camera are automatically analysed for modifying the settings using Premium Auto Movie function. High-contrast images can be taken with the automatic activation of HDR technology. Sharp images could be taken in low-light conditions too with the help of HS night scene technology. Users can use the Art Shot built-in application to add seven different effects on images.

Long distance photography

The presence of HDR technology in the camera provides users with realistic images by reducing over and under exposures. The wide-shot functionality allows users to capture images in its full length. It also has a slide panorama which allows users to take 360 degree images. Long distance photography is easy with ‘25x zoom’ capability through Multi Frame SR Zoom control. There are upto 10 different shooting modes which you can use. The camera also supports full HD Video Recording.

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