Now, Scribble Descriptive Notes On The Back Of Digital Photos

Posted By: Staff

  Cell phone are perhaps the most important and influential invention of modern times. It is more than just a gadget, but also a 'best friend' that stores all your contacts, personal notes, wakes you up on time to work, helps you keep appointments, entertains you with music when you are bored and also clicks the memorable moments of your life. Now it has taken a step further.

Camera phone users may soon be able to scribble notes on the back of the photographs they click as to where a picture was taken, who took it, and who is in the shot. Nokia of Finland has come up with a new technique that can make it possible. The company has filed a US patent for the technique that can let users of digital or cellphone cameras make back-of-photo notes for posterity.

After a photograph is clicked, the new technology it can seemingly turn it over to reveal a blank rear side. The users can then use the keypad to write a note or use a touch-screen stylus to write it in their own handwriting, reports New Scientist magazine. The note is finally saved with the picture.

Now no longer do you have to open up a dusty old album to see your memorable moments or get upset when an age old note on the backside of a photograph fades with time, all you need to do is click, flip, scribble and pocket it all on your cell phone.

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