Fix Blur Pics In Flick Of A Moment

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Fix Blur Pics In Flick Of A Moment
You may not be able to hold on to your youth but you can of course relive it every time you look at pics of yesteryear's. Photos are priceless possessions but sometimes due to a fault they become blur. If you have such pics don't discard them. A team of engineers have developed software that can transform blurry photographs into clear pictures.

Computer vision engineer Neel Joshi and his colleagues were going through some home photo collections and noticed that many pictures of faces were blurry.

"Precious moments were often lost due to blur induced by camera shake and poor lighting," says Neel.

Thus the team set off to make a software to correct these blur images. Their algorithm uses facial recognition methods, to find a sharp image with a similar pose and looks.

The pattern and shade of colour and light in the blurry face is then tweaked to match the model photo. Thus, correcting the pic and making it visible.

Now, no more of losing out on specials moments of life. This technology can also add colour and shine to black and white pics.

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