Camera: Viewing World Through Lenses Part -1

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This world is so beautiful; every corner of our planet looks like the palette of a naughty painter. Seven colours with millions of shades are spread everywhere. Breath taking rainbows, mind blowing butterflies, richly coloured green vegetation, flowers with multitudes of shades; the nature is adorned with the fantastic beauty of colours. But rainbows fade away in seconds, flowers may fall down in days. What if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature whenever you wish to do? The only remedy is capturing the beauty as images and enjoy whenever you want. Cameras, the electronic device to capture images, have been a great help for people who want to see the unforgettable moments and mind blowing scenes forever.


Ancient technology took eight hours and more to capture the first images. Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre is considered as the indenter of photography as we use it today. The former models of camera used a light sensitive film role to capture images. But today number of images with unbelievable resolution could be digitalized in a fraction of a second. Along with the computer revolution, photography also became digitalized and more sharp, high resolution pictures could be captured, stored and modified with modern digital cameras. World today passes through a digital era, and photography also moves along with this digitalization. Camera manufactures compete each other to add more and more features to every product thus adding advantages to camera users.

5 tips to buy a digital camera

  • Firstly when you figure out what you're going to use your digital camera for, than based on that you'll know what features to look for.
  • Digital Camera Sizes - Now it's time to choose the size of your digital camera taking into account what you'll do with it.
  • Digital Camera Pixels/Resolution - When you've figured out what you'll use your digital camera for and its size, it's time to decide what resolution you'll need your pictures to be.
  • Digital Camera Storage/Memory Cards – Memory cards help you you with ample storage space for images. It is preferable to go for a high storage memory card.
  • Digital Camera Zoom - Choosing a digital camera with a decent zoom is important. When deciding the zoom of your camera do it on the basis of your use of the camera.

How does your digital cam work?


When you take a picture with a digital camera the light strikes a digital sensor array. These digital sensors resembles computer chips. The digital sensor is made of millions of tiny sensor points called "pixels," which is short for "picture elements. A camera with six mega pixel resolution means an image will have six million light dots in it. Greater the pixel rate higher the resolution and clarity of the image. When the image strikes the sensor, it gets all those mega-pixels excited. First the image goes through color filters above the individual sensors. The sensor converts the image from light waves into an analog electrical signal.

The analog signal is then run through an analog to digital converter where it becomes a pure digital signal. Then it is again put through a series of electronic filters that adjust the white balance, color, and aliasing of the image. Next a compression cycle makes the image as small as possible by dumping unnecessary pixels, for more efficient storage. The image is then transferred into a temporary storage area or into a memory card.

Now let us see few of the advanced digital cameras available in the market:

The fastest digital camera

Casio, the giant electronic manufacturer, has developed the world's fastest digital camera. The camera uses the ultra high speed burst shooting techniques which can capture 60 still images per second. The camera also has high speed video recording facility at a speed of 300 fps which is faster than the human eye.

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